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Tara Dalrymple Director & Founder

Since founding Busy Lizzie, Tara has worked cohesively with clients on specific strategic objectives in a project management and advisory capacity. These objectives are focused on communications and specific business plans each client wishes to actualise.

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Rachel Bourgault Customer Service, Social Media and Admin Support

Rachel hails from Canada, and is a native French speaker.

Rachel is a dedicated and skilled business professional with a versatile administrative and supervisory background, developed over 10 years within various industries. Extremely adaptable to new and changing environments.

She has a great reputation for dependability, honesty, dedication and enthusiasm and the ability to provide premium service to both internal and external clients in both English and French.

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Why Choose Busy Lizzie ?

Dedicated Key Account Manager - saving time and money on communications
After working with SMEs in Ireland for over 11 years, we know a thing or two about your pain points and how to solve them and allow you to "work on" your business, rather than "in it"
Our team love to network, on and offline, so when you work with us, we will promote your brand/message/team to our contacts too
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The Institute of Complementary & Integrated Medicine
Ruth Cloherty, Director

My first experience with busy lizzie has been very positive. What an excellent concept. Tara is flexible, provides good client support and is easy to work with. I can highly recommend.

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Buy & Sell
Rory Finnegan, Controller

Busy lizzie has been a real find for us. We now have on the ground resources in Galway where previously we hadn't."

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City Bus
Maeve Joyce (Former Owner)

At City Direct Bus Services we were keen to know what's happening on a day to day basis - are customers happy, is our service running correctly and how do the drivers interact with passengers. Busy Lizzy came on board to undertake Mystery Shopping. Tara spent time on our buses taking notes and observing what happens. The end result was a detailed professionally presented report that help us make decisions going forward. I would recommend Busy Lizzie highly to anyone looking for a professional, comprehensive service.

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Medical Secretary Training Participant

My experiences with Busy Lizzie have been very positive! I required some fairly detailed research for a new project I am undertaking. I found Tara to be extremely thorough and very efficient. It was quite evident that a lot of thought had been put into the research. All of the results/information collated was compiled together in an organised fashion to form a comprehensive 'Guide' Book which I now refer to regularly. Busy Lizzie displays both a professionalism which is to be admired and also a friendliness which is very pleasant in the business world. It has undoubtedly filled a gap in the market and I would certainly recommend Busy Lizzie as a time-saving and cost effective service.

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Senior Counsel Dublin and Galway

I would be happy to recommend Busy Lizzie as a very efficient way to help in getting things done. Tara is full of ideas about problem-solving and has come up with good solutions for getting through our "to do" list. Her list of service providers has come up trumps as well. It is great to have an extra helping hand from time to time and Busy Lizzie certainly provides that.

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Michael Hegarty
Independent Financial Advisor

The reason I have gone back to you many times to help me out is your wonderful "can do will do" attitude. Each time you have worked for me it has taken the pressure off me and it is great value for money.

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Retail Website Owner
Karen McGinley

Cliodhna is a very prolific content writer who delivered timely and relevant content for my blog. Would recommend busy lizzies efficient and cost effective service

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Michael Duffy
Entrepreneur, Galway

"...Our experience of Busy Lizzie? Tara tunes into your business needs very quickly, and makes very worthwhile recommendations; one in particular has saved us thousands of Euros. She is also very efficient with the time, she is charging you for! Her wealth of business contacts have also been a great benefit to ourselves. We will be retaining her services!..." Michael Duffy, Entrepreneur, Galway

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Carr Communications
Donal Cronin, Director

"...Thank you for all the help in the last few days and thank you to Lynne. This is the most stress-free Christmas I can remember - you do what you do so superbly. Thank you again, and have a lovely Christmas..."

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Sword Event Guard International
DairmuidSmyth, MSc,CPP,FIISec, Group Managing Director

"...Tara, I would like to thank you for all your work. Your professionalism and prompt action on the projects has certainly eased my pressures. I will not hesitate to use you again in the future..."

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